Friday, January 19, 2007

Much needed middle school etiquette

Reagan is participating in the 6th grade Cotillion. It is a great program her middle school offers for a fee so the students can learn social graces and traditional dances, with a focus on developing self confidence. A local teacher from a dance academy teaches the students the dances and proper etiquette.

Every night is themed. Last week was 50's night and she learned correct 50's dance moves, the teacher assigning girls their boy partners for each dance. The boys are also required to escort girls into the building before, as well as escorting each girl outside afterwards. He has to wait with his partner until her ride arrives, open the car door, help her into the car and close the door.

I love it!

Next week is Salsa night, followed by Ballroom/Etiquette and Grande Finale nights.

Tonight is a country western theme and Reagan looks precious:

Yee Haw!

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