Saturday, January 20, 2007

Chuck E. Cheese is not for me

Few things in a parent's life is as painful and distressing as going to Chuck E. Cheese with your child. If your children are older and are invited to a party there, it's really fun to drop your child off and laugh boldly (as you drive quickly away) at the mom crazy enough to host a party there; obviously she is naive or completely out of her mind.

I, however, have learned my lesson the hard way, having hosted a party, attended parties, and in a moment of sheer weakness, have actually taken my children to the big pit of little monsters just for the heck of it. The noise level is unimanaginable, you can't walk much less sit down, the pizza is terrible, the children are usually completely out of control, and the parents are too shell-shocked to even care.

Jimmy promised the boys he would take them today if they had a good week while he was away. I, of course, conveniently found several other activities to keep me busy. Target was running a big clearance sale and Sam's Club was on my way home. Reagan and Keaton were happy to tag along with me and we had a wonderfully stress-free outing; unlike Jimmy whom I discovered when I returned home, sound asleep next to both boys.

I will not disturb him. After taking them alone to Chuck E. Cheese, he deserves a nap...and a medal.

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