Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Does playing in the snow wear children out?

I sure hope so. I'm counting on a few long naps.

After Jeni, my dear friend from Georgia (who is, by the way, the most fun Mom I know) read my blog, she said to send those kids outside. Jimmy called and heard the apparent distress in my voice and the ruckus in the background and said the same thing. (I'm sure he's thinking about that $4 iced coffee he'll have to buy.) I broke out in a sweat just getting all of the boys' clothes and boots on them.

After an hour or so of playing hard and having snowball fights, they are back in the house thawing out, having hot chocolate and lunch. Only 7 1/2 hours until bedtime.

Some neighbor kids showed up making things even more fun.

As you can tell, Keaton hates the attention.

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