Friday, December 01, 2006

Dollar dilemma

(Yeah! We have school! Not a snow day as the kids had ardently wished; I'm trying really hard not to gloat.)

Today is Dollar Day again for Keaton and Hayden; if they take a dollar, they don't have to wear their uniforms. It's amazing how exciting this is to kids who usually don't care a thing about clothes.

I got all their "regular" duds ironed last night and ready to go for after breakfast this morning. So while they ate their muffins, I reminded them of the big day.

"Hurry and finish so you can get dressed. Remember you get to wear regular clothes today!"

Keaton: "Yeah! I can't wait. And um, Mom, I have my own dollar this time."

Mom: "Keaton, I will give you a dollar, it's okay."

Keaton: "No really, it's fine."

(I wonder what is going on?)

Hayden: "I'll use my own dollar too."

Mom: "Hayden, you don't have a dollar. I'll give you one."

Hayden: "A real dollar that's green and paper?!"

Mom (digging through the garage sale change as I never have cash.): "No, I'll give you ten dimes in a baggy."

Hayden (disappointed): "Oh."

Mom: "What's wrong with change? It's just like cash, spends the same."

Hayden (sighing): "Okay, I just wanted green money this time, that's all."

So our little money man later left with his baggy of dimes, finally convinced after several more minutes of discussion that "green" money and ten dimes will get him the same Dollar Day results.

However, for future reference, I think I'll get a stash of petty cash for subsequent Dollar Days. Maybe there's some unwritten kindergarten boy rule about baggies of change I'm unaware of.

My cuties in their carefully picked-out attire.

The obligatory baby-brother-included picture (so he doesn't cry.) And believe me, he checks the blog to make sure he's there.

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