Thursday, November 30, 2006

Arctic blast

I am really pretty pathetic when it comes to cold weather. It's 27 degrees outside and the wind chill is 10 degrees. It's sleeting and snowing and headed down to 21 degrees in a few hours. Miserable.

The kids were bitin' at the bit to get into the frostiness so I sent Reagan and Keaton outside to take a picture of our house with the snow on it. It's not much, but when you live in Texas, even a flurry is news-worthy.

Keaton is running as fast as she can to get the recycling bins. This Texas wind is brutal and blows you over when you walk outside. Both girls did their jobs and came right in...too cold for our optimistic, yet disappointed snow birds.

The Christmas parade was cancelled for tonight and the children are naively hopeful for a snow day tomorrow. I'm afraid I don't share in their winsome wish. Those days have to be made up, it's usually when we have plans, and my children grumble about life's unfairness the whole time.

We are in for the night and if I have my way, early bed times. Now who is being naive and winsome?

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