Friday, November 17, 2006

Not so smart after all

Keaton and Hayden are having a Thanksgiving feast at school today. I just happen to be at the school the day the teachers put out the food sign up sheet.

Imagine my surprise when looking past turkey, dressing, and other side items that would take me a lot of time to prepare, I saw an option for rolls. Rolls! I can do rolls! No pressure, easy preparation, and, really how can I mess up rolls? Let those other moms cook a whole turkey. I was here first and I scored rolls.

This morning I got up, put the frozen Rhodes rolls in their little muffin pans to rise, and went about my day. I realized some time later that the rolls were not only not rising, but they were in such a place that they are quite susceptible to little toddler hands. So I decide to take them to the warmest room in the house, my bathroom dressing area. The particular room is not only warm, but as I dress, I can keep an eye on the rolls and protect them from Landon who, at this point, is completely engrossed in a Barney tape in another room. My three dozen rolls were warm, rising, and safe.

After I had dressed, I decided to go ahead and iron Landon's clothes. I sneaked into the laundry room unnoticed, convinced I had 15 or so minutes of Barney entertainment left.

When I walked back into my bathroom, I see my rolls. They didn't look quite right so I went in for a closer look. This is what I found:

I yelled, "Landon, what did you do to my rolls?"

Landon: "What you matter Mom?"

Mom: "What happened to my rolls?"

Landon (proudly): "I poke 'em for you."

Mom: "You poked them?"

Landon: "Yes, I poke 'em and I wash 'em."

Mom: "You washed my rolls?"

Landon: "Yes! I hep you!"

Mom: "Yes, I guess you did help me."

Off to the store to buy rolls...I should have stuck with the turkey.


Anonymous said...

Is that like:

"Roll it and prick it and mark it with 'B' and put it in the oven for baby and me"?

Man! The stuff they teach in schools these days!

(Don't ask me where he got the washing idea from!)

Devin said...

Yeah...what's up with the washing?!