Thursday, November 16, 2006

Gymboree jivin'

Landon has been going to Gymboree for their Play and Learn time and having a lot of fun. We decided to try him with the music class to see if it was as enjoyable to him.

Today was our first day and boy, was it was a big hit.

He sang and danced and played every instrument they put out there. However, his favorite activity was playing the drum. He was very patient the whole class time, but kept watching the drum sitting there, longing for him to play it.

When the teacher asked what instrument he would like to pull out, he couldn't say "DRUM!" fast enough or loud enough.

I think I know what Santa will be bringing our little percussionist for Christmas. And if today was any indication, I think Santa will be bringing Mommy a brand new pair of high tech ear plugs.

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