Sunday, November 26, 2006

I'm so sorry I took you on vacation

Landon is demonstrating my feelings today.

My children have always had a habit of punishing me when their schedules change the least little bit. The younger the child, the worse the punishment.

Today has been a true challenge to my ever-dwindling pregnancy-stunted patience. Four of my five children have had no governor on their control buttons. (Yes, Sutton, my dear sweet consistent child has been such a help today.)

I have had to line them all up several times just to look at their faces and make sure they were my children, how crazy their behavior has been. Reagan had redeemed herself by mid-afternoon, while Keaton decided that hanging out with her little brother hoodlum wanna-be's was much more entertaining on a lazy Sunday.

Hayden and Landon have been on an all out spastic, frantic emotional roller coaster all day. They alternate swinging from screaming mad to screaming crying to screaming happy within seconds. Notice that screaming is the only consistent action they have maintained.

Any little bump sent Landon into a sobbing heap of inconsolable toddler hysteria. Landon's crying would signal Hayden's response of "Waaa Waaa!" as he mocked his brother's despair, escalating Landon's wails to piercing decibels. Did I mention that this has continued all day?

Oh, and Daddy left yesterday for a week so I have to pay a large toll for that too. You know it's all my fault. Ugh.

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