Friday, September 15, 2006

Darn bug

We are at a full week of whatever this illness is. It has officially made the rounds, currently settling now with Jimmy and Landon; the two consistently present at all of the bathroom runs (no pun intended) over the week.

Yesterday was rather rough for the two of them. We went to lunch but I was the only one who ate (I have successfully learned to eat past my nausea).

I did notice that our medicine went from a few bottles on the counter to an overflowing basket full...see above. Our medicinal stash grew exponentially once Daddy started feeling bad. What's that they say about grown men getting sick?

However, today was a very good day in the market and he had a closing on a house in which he was both the realtor and the mortgage company. Nothing like making a little money to cure all that ails him.

Thank goodness.

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