Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Chopped liver

"Thanks Daddy! This is the best-est breakfast ever!" (Hayden says in his most irritating Timmy-from-the-Lassie-show voice.)

I peer from around the corner where I've been ironing everyone's school clothes. Appalled at this unnecessary praise of his father, his hero in baggy sleep pants who has just awakened in time to watch everyone else eat; I proclaim, "Hayden, who made your breakfast?"

Hayden: "Umm, you did Mom."

Mom: "And who got up with you while everyone else was still sleeping, let you pick chocolate chip waffles for breakfast, and crack open the egg all by yourself?..."

Hayden: (Unable to speak, wondering what Mom's problem is, yet learning at the ripe old age of five that in times like this, maybe he should just let her talk it out.)

Mom: "...Who let you strategically place each chocolate chip while she waited patiently and let you cut your own waffle?"

Hayden: (A crowbar could not pry a response out of him by this point.)

Mom: "Who just ironed your clothes, Keaton's clothes, and Landon's clothes for the day and let you tell me fifteen stories and sing me twelve songs; all of which I assured you were the greatest stories and songs I had ever heard?"

Hayden: (Sheepishly testing the waters) "Well, Daddy just made my other waffle and got me chocolate milk."

Mom: "Pffffftttt"

Jimmy: "Are we needing a little validation this morning, baby?"

Mom: (frankly feeling a little foolish by this point.) "Maybe."

And maybe these pregnancy hormones are raging and a little validation would have been nice...even if it was just breakfast and he is just a five year old with chocolate on his face.


Miranda said...

I've been wondering----just what time do you get up? Pancakes and waffles for breakfast? On a school morning? You are super mom, as was my mother. I can barely get myself out the door to work on time; the thought of dressing and feeding children is a bit daunting. Though the struggle to get Dave out of bed is probably similar to struggling with a child.

Devin said...

Not too early, I'm afraid. Today we were up by 6:00. And those aren't waffles and pancakes from scratch; they are Bisquick mix that you just add milk, eggs, and oil to...nothing very impressive. I get the "guilties" real quick if they don't get a good breakfast. You'll get it done when your time comes...somehow you lose the need to get adequate amounts of sleep once you have children. Just tell Dave the fishing boat is waiting and he'll be right up, I'm sure. LOL!