Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Responses may vary

Mom to Sutton: How was your day?

Sutton: Good. I think I got 100 on my first quiz in Algebra II. Ummmm...I think that's about it.

Mom to Keaton: How was your day?

Keaton: It was bad. I hurt my leg.

Mom to Hayden: How was your day?

Hayden: Good. I'm hungry. What's for dinner.

Mom to Landon: How was your day?

Landon: Good. Mommy hab a good day?

Mom to Reagan (hesitantly and trying not to grimace): How...was your day?

Reagan: Oh, I had the best day EVER! I got a 100 on my quiz. We don't get our PE lockers for a while yet even though the 7th grade got theirs in March! Can you believe that? A boy kept tooting really loud (and it was really stinky) in my science class today and he got told by the sub (who is the same one we had at CES, remember Mom?) to go to the bathroom AND he got a d-hall. Oh and we, you know, my four friends and I, have made a new club named D.A.R.T.H. by using the first letters of all our names. I think we need to get matching Star Wars shirts. Wouldn't that be cool Mom? Do you want me to take private voice lessons at school? The teacher said it was $16.50 and I told him I didn't know if you would go for that. Oh, and today I totally forgot my lunch at home so I had to get in this REALLY looooong line in the cafeteria and then my friend came by and said, "Do you want to stand with me to the other line?" and I said, "Oh my gosh I didn't realize I was in the pay more line!" You know the one where you have to buy everything individually and so you have to pay more. So I went to the other line and got frito pie, baked potato, fruit, bread AND a chocolate milk for $2.00! I only had a few minutes to eat my food so I won't be forgetting my lunch tomorrow, that's for sure! I really wish I could get some more bermuda shorts because that walk home is killer. I need to call Whitney and see if she made the 7th grade volleyball team. Oh and guess what!? What are we doing October 7th? Because I got invited to go see that Blue Guy group and I don't even have to pay anything because Allie's parents got the tickets and they said she could invite one person and I was it!

Editorial note: I don't make this stuff up.

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Lisa said...

I was in tears on this one....