Thursday, August 24, 2006

I am thankful that... less than 48 hours my air conditioner guy comes to fix the AC. (Notice how I haven't been whining the past couple of days about the suffocatingly, miserable heat in my home that we've been dealing with for nine, long, agonizing days...see, I've spared're welcome.)

...Jimmy made it to Orlando FL safely after several frustrating delays.

...God created Pop Tarts. I know, I know...they are not healthy. They are, however, devoured quite efficiently by small children while their mother dresses and they leave a relatively clean eating environment.

...we weren't late to chapel this morning. I'm thankful for this because after trying to dress a couple of little boys who wouldn't hold still, fixing everyone's hair, and dealing with bumper-to-bumper school traffic, we were so close to being late that we were all four, (Keaton, Hayden, Landon, and I) running like crazy to make sure Keaton and Hayden were seated before the pledge started. Fear sets in because Mrs. Constance, Hayden's kindergarten teacher whom all parents fear, won't hesitate to reprimand us all. As I ran in, I got several knowing glances from other parents, panting and fresh off their own 50 yard dashes, hoping to side-step any possible unpleasant Mrs. Constance encounters. Target has a Starbucks.

...Landon, who had already drunk his icee and had sneakily absconded with my favorite indulgence, only spilled the last third of said Frappacino in the seat of my car. "Thankful?" you ask. Yes, because there just happened to be a sweatshirt in the floorboard I was able to use to clean up the mess while driving. Catastrophe averted.

...the spill required me to clean out the floorboard of the suburban and I found, a sock, several french fries, an open peppermint glued to the carpet, half a cup of juice, and 12 little boy cars. Thankful? Yes, there was no old dirty diaper, no dried vomit in the car seat, and yes, both have been found before.

...we had a couple of drops (no, really, it was only a couple of drops) of rain this morning that kept the sun at bay and allowed a 2 1/2 year old boy, who has been cooped up in the house for weeks, some outside time to get his wiggles out. I think he was a little shocked and not sure where to begin, so the poor kid chased a wasp screaming, "Come here fly!" We've got some work to do, I think.

...even when he's driving his Little People car (as seen above), Landon refuses to pull out of the garage without his seat belt on.

...I have two Zingers left. Jimmy got them at the Hostess day-old bakery and they are a piece of heaven. Unfortunately, having only two left means I ate the other 8 as I've been hiding them and no one else knew where they were. I'm still thankful though; fat and thankful.

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