Monday, August 21, 2006

Blistering, sizzling, sweltering, and just plain HOT!

Hayden's expression in this picture depicts fairly accurately the collective mood in our house without air conditioning. The temperature on my suburban said it was 106 degrees outside just before we walked in and it's only 1:00pm--it will get hotter this afternoon.

We are on our fifth day without AC and tempers are flaring. I admit I'm probably the biggest culprit. But as someone who hates loud, continuous noise, these box fans screaming hot air at me, attempting to rival The Wiggles, or Barney, or whatever stupid wonderfully educational TV show happens to be on at the time, blaring their disgustingly happy tunes across this desert we call a living room, is definitely bringing out the witch grump in me. Can you tell?

We get in the car and drive around just to cool off. I've stuck my head in the fridge a time or two. I set the margarine out this morning and within minutes it had melted in the tub. We try not to move around too much and conserve our energy; so while the heat is making the grown-ups lethargic, I swear it's like an adrenaline shot to the kids. The boys, especially, run around sporting nothing more than underwear and wet heads, happy as clams.

Jimmy, Landon and I went to Plano today to pick up a new compressor and some other parts and now we have to wait for the AC guy to make room for us in his schedule to fix the unit. It could be tomorrow, it could be next week. (What's his problem!!?) I know he's busy. Until then, we will continue to sleep with four fans pointed directly on us at night, wearing as little as possible and not moving.

I am currently enjoying the peaceful, yet steamy, quiet of no box fan noise and no TV. I prefer the silence rather than a luke-warm breeze at the moment anyway. Tonight, however, if I have to listen to the fans and Sesame Street, I will try to keep from attacking speaking very strongly to our two littlest, underwear-clad, wet-haired, Big Bird admirers, who are probably just as sick of in love with their grumpy mommy as she is with them.

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Miranda said...

At least you had a nice long car ride to Plano. And Jimmy is in town suffering with you. I certainly feel so bad for y'all. If only I had more beds--make that another wing. . .