Thursday, July 27, 2006

Reagan's (almost) Perfect Day

As I've said before, Reagan, shown here with my mother, loves clothes, shoes, accessories; basically any kind of fashion. I would say she's a typical 11 year old, pre-pubescent, but Sutton was never this way so I'm not sure which child is more characteristic of the age group. Anyway, today Reagan knows Hayden will be in school, Dad will have Landon at Pump-It-Up (an inflatable kids play zone), Sutton will be at school working out, Keaton already has her school clothes, and the grandparents coming today won't be here for a few more hours, so today would be the PERFECT day for Mom to take Reagan school clothes shopping.

The not-so-perfect part of this day for Reagan is that she knows Mom who is a self-proclaimed, borderline, anal retentive person, will not leave the house unless it's in company-ready condition in case the grandparents get here early. Stinks for her but she's a trooper and is willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve her clothes-buying goal.

So far she has swept and mopped the kitchen, cleaned the dishes, started the dishwasher, folded laundry (and put it away), cleaned her room and bathroom, AND is being nice to Keaton, a true testament to Reagan's eagerness to shop. We are accomplishing things around here.

However, I am being glared at as she walks by for being on the computer and not being dressed yet so I will go now. I know I'm dragging my feet as shopping with daughters at this age isn't always a treat.

I will cross my fingers that we will find appropriate length shorts for long-legged girls, shirts long enough to cover her lengthening torso and clearance racks filled with her size. That would make both our days perfect.

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