Thursday, July 27, 2006

Alligator please?

Granna and Pawpaw came this afternoon and after my day of shopping with the girls, I was excited to hear that we were going to Pappadeaux seafood restaurant. I'm not a big seafood eater but if I don't have to cook, I'll eat just about anything; a statement spoken so boldly until we got to the restaurant and Jimmy ordered fried alligator as an appetizer for us. I felt my nose immediately crinkle, Reagan and Keaton's eyes popped and Hayden began to cry. Jimmy immediately backtracked and told him it was chicken so as not to freak him out any further.

We all tried to change the subject and focus on the bread the waitress brought. When the alligator came, Jimmy told Hayden again that it was only chicken and that he would like it. Hayden happily and naively ate several pieces and eagerly asked for more when finally the guilt overtook me and I had to rat Dad out. I explained to Hayden that what he was eating, and really liking, was actually alligator. He looked to Dad hoping Mom was the joker here but Dad admitted that it was, in fact, alligator Hayden was eating.

It was as if everything around Hayden ceased to exist. He began staring straight ahead, his little mind trying to wrap itself around such an unbelievable concept. He stared for a good 30 seconds without moving, without blinking. When he finally looked up, he said excitedly, "Dad could I have more of that good alligator?"


Miranda said...

Horray for Hayden's sense of adventure!! Dave and I will eat most anything; we love the 'gater at Pappadeaux.

Devin said...

I try to step out of my ever shrinking box periodically and even had a few pieces myself. Hayden was proud, Keaton ate all we would let her, Landon chowed down unclear about what the big deal was. Reagan refused stating she felt too sorry for the alligator.