Monday, January 19, 2015

The time I posted a million photos...

I've always been a shutter-bug, and the time between my last blog post and now has proved that I still can't help myself when it comes to documenting our lives in photographs. However, mine is probably the slacker-mom way because it forces us to rely on memory to reconstruct the actual happenings in the photos since I didn't write a blasted thing down. But I did take the pictures so I'm going to leave the "'membering" to my children:) So here goes a whole slew of photos in no particular order with a few really poor captions. Go mom!!

Christmas (a few different times)

 Reagan's trip to Zambia the summer before her senior year...

 Later she got her dream job working for the Texas Rangers!! 

Peyton really began believing she was grown:)

Traditional day-before-school-starts breakfast out.

Sutton came home from college for her birthday celebration. Peyton was in complete awe of whose lap she was in and the beautiful candelabra. It makes me wonder just what she was thinking.

One of many trips to the ER with Landon. He's still rough and tumble. 

The time of missing teeth began!

Still an Aggie family. 

With a little Georgia Bulldog added in for extra fun.

"I mustache you why you're staring?"

Moms and daughters. 

And big, tall uncles we hope to be like. 


 School began for Peyton and so did her love of reading.
 And the goofiness she shares with her sisters.

 Reagan's senior pictures.

 I have no idea.

Sutton got engaged! And there were showers.

And then she got MARRIED!






More school!

Senior year! 

Family boot camps.


His love of baseball continues.

Hayden is growing and changing!

Still loves being a princess.

 And sometimes her brother steals her crown.

Summer fun for so many summers.

 Landon wasn't our only ER visit.

 Family time.

 A little rebellion...

And a lot of bonding.

Family is still the best.

Mom, daughter, aunt.


I love this crazy group so much!!

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