Sunday, January 09, 2011


We lost Grandma, my father’s mother, in December.  It was a beautiful funeral in many ways.  I’ve always questioned the term “beautiful funeral” until Grandma’s; it couldn’t have been more perfect.

The weather was warm, just the way she liked it.  The mass was personal and in every way the tradition she loved.  Her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren were there.  A meal was prepared she would have been very happy with, including many of her special recipes. And we all spoke of her life and her loves: family, travel, cooking, her faith.


My wonderful siblings – Gina, Ryan, me, and KristaIMG_1855 

My whole amazing family, including mom and dad.IMG_1859

Most of her grandchildrenIMG_1873

Grandma’s children - now


And then, with Grandpa too.


She loved her family:)


Anonymous said...

And her family loved her, very much, it appears.I am so very sorry for the lose of your grandmother. It is so hard to lose a beloved grandma. I as so glad the funeral mass was beautiful. I have been to many, very beautiful funerals, and that it was as your grandma wished it, makes it so special. I always lose it when the priest sprinkles the casket with holy water at the end, and we all sing the Song of Farewell "May the angels lead you into paradise..."
Me, I lived in the South so much of my life, I'm gonna add the hymn "I'll fly away" to my mass, and the great mystification of my mid-western relatives. ; )
Keeping all of you in my prayers,

Devin said...

Hi Barbara,
Your comment was so sweet. Yes, we all loved her very much and are so glad she gets to be in Heaven now. The holy water sprinkled at the end was tough and wonderful all at the same time. I think "I'll Fly Away" would be a perfect addition!! Of course, I'm a southern girl:)
Thanks for always caring,

Anonymous said...

Hey, Devin, I meant to say we are so very sorry for your loss. (Note to self. Re-read and proof with extra care a note to someone who is suffering bereavement.)You are all in our prayers.
Your blog adds so much to many of us in the trenches. You have a gift with words, pic's and conveying God's very real presence in our daily lives. Thanks!