Monday, November 08, 2010

Our new church home

You’ve heard me say many times how much we love our church and our very large church family.  There is not a single part of our lives not touched positively by Gateway church.

We were thrilled and very honored to be invited on a personal tour of our new campus by the man in charge of building it, Mr.Doug, and the man who is responsible for the new book store there and the kiosks throughout, our dear friend, Mr. Robert. 

We were allowed to see parts of the new campus that many of our fellow church-goers won’t be able to see, so we were VERY thankful for the tour.  The children’s wing and the classrooms are nothing like I’ve ever seen before, truly amazing.  We cannot wait until next weekend when the entire campus opens for our first services. And as much as I wanted to take pictures inside, we waited until our tour was over to snap some candids outside…actually, Hayden grabbed the camera so there are some interesting pics.IMG_1136IMG_1139  IMG_1142IMG_1150 IMG_1152 IMG_1149

Here are all of us outside.IMG_1138

You have not seen children more excited than these kids about their classrooms.  After we left and were about to have dinner, I was saying the blessing.  As I thanked God for Mr. Robert, Mr. Doug, for our pastor, for Gateway church, as well as all of our other blessings, Peyton (3) who had her head down and eyes closed, interrupted and said, "And thank You for my classroom." So I repeated that in my prayer.  Then she said without missing a beat, "And thank You for Hayden's classroom."  And I repeated that.  Then she said, "And for Bubba Michael's classroom." 

Five more days!

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