Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jam packed November

I promise I’m still around.  Unfortunately, I’ve been doing more online shopping/Santa gift hunting than blogging lately.  That’s not to say I haven’t been taking pictures; I always take pictures. 

So, being the slacker that I am, I’m going to fit as many November activities as I can into this one post because I’m just lazy efficient that way.

Hayden’s school choir presented a Veteran’s Day program and my Mr. Man led the Pledge and sang out mighty and loud in the choir selections.

IMG_1379 IMG_1380 IMG_1387

His choir also performed at a minor-league hockey game.  It was our first hockey experience, and while Reagan, Keaton, and I froze to death, the younger three children had a blast.

IMG_1397 IMG_1398

Hayden soon figured out the how true hockey fans support their team.


Landon had a school buddy there (thank goodness.)IMG_1417

And Peyton pranced around as usual.IMG_1418 IMG_1419

Landon’s big first grade Thanksgiving program was last week.  I doubt there was a first grader more excited.  He rehearsed at home, rehearsed in the car, rehearsed in the store and at the doctor’s office; he was serious about that program.

IMG_1451 IMG_1452

Landon and crew “sailed” the Mayflower onto the stage.

IMG_1465 IMG_1466

I venture to say I had the best looking Pilgrim there!IMG_1477 IMG_1478

We also attended Family Fun Night again last week.  Our church’s single parent ministry is so wonderful and we love going to every activity they put on.

Reagan and pals goofing off.IMG_1494 IMG_1495 IMG_1507 IMG_1513

He’s sooooooo handsome!IMG_1518 IMG_1529

Conga line!


Hayden played Chubby Bunny.IMG_1557

Cupid Shuffle is his favorite dance song.

IMG_1587 IMG_1589



Our dear friends, April and Craig, had their twins, Thomas and Daniel, dedicated last week.  Look at this wonderful family:

IMG_1594 Beautiful April had all six of those children; you sure can’t tell!


Reagan and her BFF Tori acting up as usual.IMG_1628

But so very pretty.


The party afterward was wonderful as well.IMG_1630 IMG_1631

And my three girls posed for pics.

IMG_1641 IMG_1651

Whew!  November has been crazy busy!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Devin,
Hope all is well. While I miss your posts, I do know that the desire for privacy, taking care of 6 beautiful but lively children, working full time, and trying to stat connected with bio family and church family take a great deal of time. Hope you all are well, happy, feeling loved and appreciated. I wish you the best new year, and the best that life offers, as the last several years have to have been very rough.
Barbara adoptive Mom from Cindy's blog