Friday, October 15, 2010

Because small reminders can make a big difference

You know those Halloween stores that pop up this time of year and carry the most horrifying products ever?  A trip to one of those has left Hayden (9) struggling greatly with fear; it did a real number on him.  He’s okay at home as long as I talk him through his concerns, but he’s very fearful of being anywhere else after dark.

After several days and multiple discussions reminding him how safe he really is, I finally asked him to help me find several Bible verses about fear that he could write on a note card and put under his pillow.

IMG_0543 IMG_0544

Meanwhile, Landon (6) was jumping on the bed, running from room to room, asking me 138 times who’s picking him up from school tomorrow, why school has to last seven hours “cuz that’s too long,” and wanting to know exactly how many minutes until Christmas.

So we found a scripture on patience and he wrote it down to put under his pillow.  Only he decided to tape it above his bed instead.


Of course Peyton (3), who was not going to be left out, wanted a verse too.  And she found one.  See?IMG_0548

She wrote it herself and taped it above her little bed.

That night Hayden slept like a baby and since then his evenings have been much calmer.  Meanwhile, Landon is still working mightily on his patience.  I remind myself every few minutes that he’s still a little boy and he’s doing the best he can.

And Peyton, well, she told me later what her note card reads.  It says “God loves me” and “Mommy loves me.” 

Yep, we do.


Anonymous said...

AWWW :) this is just precious! I love it!

Peyton's looks like it's almost in hebrew or something. hahahaha.


Gina said...

*LIKE* (i'm such a FBer!)

MKHKKH said...

Love it!

jubilee said...

Our church did a Halloween Bash and talked about these very verses on fear. The Children's Pastor decided to meet Halloween head on with a Biblical lesson instead of glossing it over.

Great job on the verses Hayden! Your mommy has a lot to be proud of in a great boy like you!