Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Family matters

We are so happy to live fairly close to my sister Gina and her family.  Between us we have 12 children and we all have so much fun being together.  We spent Saturday hanging out at my place, eating spaghetti and cracking up at all the cousins playing. 

Below are best buds, my niece Dayden (4) and Peyton (3), shirtless of course, so just focus on those cute pink boots.


My niece Ashlyn (11) and her bonus dad, my bro-in-law David.  “Gimme some sugar, David.”


My always beautiful sister Gina and her hubby.


Peyton and Ashlyn discussing some very important matters.


Nephew Bailey (13) and Hayden (9) only had eyes for the Wii and water gun fights outside.


Reagan (15) wanted to prove she could ‘leg lift’ Uncle David.


Ashlyn, Keaton (13) and an as-usual shirtless Peyton.  Somebody grab that girl a top!


Whoo Hoo!!  These girls love to dress up.


Landon (6), showing his more feminine side.  (He enjoys dressing up too.)


Saturday night Gina and I did the great “kid swap,” Ashlyn and Dayden spent the night with the girls and me, while Hayden and Landon went home with their very popular boy cousin, Bailey.  Oh, and Reagan went with them too because her love for Uncle David is immeasurable.

At my house the little girls played non-stop.  They tattled and bickered and hugged and shared, just like best girlfriends.  They went to Sunday school together too and were reported by Miss Michelle our wonderful friend and teacher, to be “joined at the hip.”  They just wish they lived closer to each other. (Me too!)

Bathing beauties before church. IMG_9586 

The boys got to have a big sleep-over and Auntie Gina and Uncle David’s brand new house!  It’s gorgeous!!IMG_9605

Landon really likes Day’s pink Mustang.IMG_9609

And Bailey can fold his legs up enough to chauffeur little people around.  (I know the feeling, Bailey!)IMG_9615 

I am so happy for Gina and David.  Beautiful family, beautiful home, beautiful life. 



Gina said...

We love you all! So glad we live close enough to hang out so much...family definitely matters!

Anonymous said...

Those are great pictures!