Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sometimes I impress even myself

IMG_8498 IMG_8501

Hayden (9): “Mom, can I please vacuum the living room?!  Pleeeeeeeeeease?!!”

Mom:  “I don’t know, Hayden,  that’s a pretty important job.”

Landon (6):  “No mom,  let ME!  I want to vacuum the living room!”

Mom:  “I don’t know, guys….”

Both boys:  “Mom, pleeeeeeease!”

Mom: “Okay…Hayden, you vacuum the living room and Landon, you clean the mirrors in the bathrooms.”

Both boys:  “Really? Thanks mom!”

Hayden:  “When I’m done, can I mop the kitchen?!”

Mom:  “Hmmmm…Let’s see how you do with your other special jobs.”

Hayden:  “Thanks mom, you’re the BEST.

Landon:  “Yeah, this is the best day EVER!”

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Gina said...

Hey-can the boys come to my house???