Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The camping trip…our maiden voyage

Yeah, I took all the kids camping.…

(All of you that know me can stop laughing now.)

Okay, I must admit that particular activity has never even been on my bucket list much less at the top; in fact, camping has always been at the top of my I-Will-Never-EVER-Do-The-Following-Things list.  But we had an opportunity to go where there were real restrooms, five meals that someone else made and served, and more scheduled activities for the kids than I could ever scrounge up. So while some of you die-hard camping experts might say what we did does not constitute real camping, I must argue that the heat we braved in Texas this Memorial Day weekend was enough to earn us a little fellow-camper respect.

My brother-in-law, David (super Marine) and my sister, Gina, along with “Baby Dayden” (3) met us at the camp site simply to set us up, not to camp…because they knew better than I did that it was a crazy idea, but they try to be supportive.  Not only did they provide us all of our camping gear (including a brand new tent), they also brought out two ice chests filled with iced-down Gatorade, water, juice pouches, Lunchables, and fruit.  Yeah, they were trying to make the experience as bearable as possible and we were so very VERY thankful.  I love them so!

Gina and David setting up our tent:IMG_7670 IMG_7682

Dayden feeding grapes to try and cool momma off.IMG_7683

Our tent city.IMG_7681

Hayden dipped in the lake then went straight for the archery.IMG_7676

IMG_7693 IMG_7697 Buddies Landon and Mason.IMG_7711  

Keaton, Adri and April tried to cool off a bit.IMG_7692

Baby Knox put his feet up.IMG_7689

April and Max headin’ to the water.IMG_7726









Doke and Peyton drove Baby Knox all around.IMG_7764

Momma Erin watched.IMG_7766







Max decided to drive too.IMG_7771 







Thank goodness her pretend play is improving because with that cast on her leg, Peyton wasn’t going anywhere.

IMG_7772 IMG_7773

It didn’t bother her though, she took orders and made multiple trips to the “store” for milk, chicken nuggets, pickles and “celewy.”

And I only took 539 pictures this weekend so as you get tired of camping pics over the next few days, just click out quietly; I’ve got to document this appropriately so people will believe I actually did it, and so I can look back after this heat-induced stupor wears off and remember I was actually there.

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proud of you girlfriend!