Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Quinceañ...Quinceañ...sorry, I can't roll my rrrrrr's

Reagan (15) was honored to be asked to participate in her friend Celeste's Quinceañera. It was a beautiful celebration of Celeste's 15th birthday. Reagan and three other girls, including her best friend Tori, where "damas" who danced several dances they spent months rehearsing with Celeste and a dance instructor.

After that elaborate celebration, I've been rethinking the whole Spongebob-Squarepants-cake-and-party-with-her-siblings-in-our-tiny-little-kitchen Reagan had for her 15th birthday a few weeks ago. I've assure her that since we aren't Hispanic, she wasn't technically even eligible for her own Quinceañera.

She's asked to be adopted out.

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Linda up north said...

Oh gosh that looks like fun! :)