Monday, April 19, 2010

No excuses


Keaton (12):  “Hey Mom,  you know ___________’s mother?  She is so pretty.”

Me:  “Oh, I know…she’s beautiful!”

Keaton:  “Who’s older, you or her?

Me:  “We’re close to the same age but I think I’m probably a little older.”

Keaton:  “hmmmmm….”

(long pause)

Keaton:  “If ya’ll are about the same age, why do you think you look so much older than her?  I mean, really Mom, you are looking old lately.”

Me:  (Trying not to stutter from the blow):  “You think maybe it's because she has two children and I have six?”

(another long pause)

Keaton:  “Naw.”


Gina said...

Tell her it's the 3rd childs fault! LOL!

Anonymous said...

That girl...someday she'll realize :)...right??!!


Lydia said...

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