Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Action hero

I never tire of watching him.  I’m sure someday it might get a little old because, I can admit now, I’ve watched enough volleyball over the years to choke a horse.  But this is new.  This exciting in a different way because he’s excited.  He’s happy.  He’s in his element.  And I know someday he might decide he wants to do something totally different from this and that’s okay too. 

But right now it’s allowing him to be someone other than someone’s little brother…and he really needs that.

He deserves to shine.

IMG_6850 IMG_6858 IMG_6808 IMG_6823 IMG_6886


Anonymous said...

Speaking as the 5th child out of 5, bless you greatly for giving the same attention, love and effort to ALL of your children. They will not forget the efforts you have made, and continue to make. Every one of our children is special, right?

Devin said...

Yes, Patti, absolutely. I appreciate your comment. I was the oldest of four and remember worrying about my younger siblings' baby books not being complete. I actually did a better job on their baby books than my own children's. I hope the blog is a decent enough substitute.