Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bread winners

Reagan is in a Pre-AP biology class (she does not get that from me) and recently had an assignment to observe fermentation as it related to baking bread. It was tempting to think about how easy it would have been to just buy the bread and answer the questions, but Reagan's got a healthy conscience and chose, instead, to enlist Naunie's help. Naunie hasn't baked bread in thirty years or more but that didn't stop her from tackling a class for her granddaughter on Bread Baking 101.

Reagan thought she had an idea about what to do with all that dough, but it was just too icky.

Naunie stepped in and quickly displayed proper kneading technique.

Like this?!

"Now, form a ball..."



The smell was heavenly. Reagan got to drop her lowest lab grade. And we've had the most delicious toast the last two days. Worked out perfectly!


Anonymous said...

Yum! That looks good!


Gina said...

I know who can make the dinner rolls for Thanksgiving! =)