Saturday, October 24, 2009

One lucky church-going Cowboy-lovin' girl

I was thrilled beyond words that I got to see Roger Staubach on Tuesday. So imagine my utter delight when I ran into Jason Witten in church tonight. I saw him in the church and was tickled enough, but then I ran into him, his wife and children outside. It was so cute as I listened to him tell his three year old little girl, "Yes, you're right, you pooh pooh in the big girl potty, not your panties."

What a sweet daddy.

I put on my sunglasses so they wouldn't notice me looking at them as I loaded up my own toddler into her car seat. He looked over at me and said hi. With what was surely a goofy smile on my face, I said hello back.

So much for the sunglasses trick.

(I thought about the Cowboy tickets I turned down for tomorrow's game because there weren't enough tickets for us all. I knew I couldn't enjoy myself without all of my children there. Oh, the sacrifices we make as parents.)

When the rest of my kids got to the car, I excitedly told them who I'd just seen. I was met with blank stares from half of them...but Sutton understood...she ran around the car hoping to catch a glimpse herself. The other kids would have perked up a bit more had it been like last year when The Jonas Brothers, also members, came to our same service.

Anyway, I've always known we have an awesome church for a multitude of reasons but seeing Jason Witten tonight just added another point to the why-our-church-is-super-fabulous column. You just never know who your going to see.

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