Thursday, October 15, 2009

My son, the conversationalist

When it's you vs. them and "you" is well, you know, me, and "them" is the six children, it's a challenge to carve out individual time with each child every day. Recently I needed to pick Reagan (14) up after her volleyball game so I put Peyton (2) and Landon (5) in their pajamas, brushed their teeth and loaded them into their car seats to ride with me. Peyton immediately fell asleep leaving Landon and I time...time alone...a priceless commodity in our family.

I told Landon, "Hey Buddy, we have some time, just you and me, what do you want to talk about?" I was expecting the usual conversations consisting of which super hero is the best, which friend in school can burp the loudest, or which teacher he would ask to marry him, Ms. Leach or Ms. Jacquelin.

So I was totally taken by surprise when he said thoughtfully and deliberately, "Mom, what part of your job do you like the best?"

I had to steady the car as my heart swelled.

"Gosh, Landon, I guess the best part would be the fact that I get to go lots of places every day, I have nice lunches all over the metroplex, I always meet a lot of really cool people, I'm learning all this new stuff. It's so much fun, Landon, I really like many parts of my job."

He listened quietly and patiently as I rattled on.

Then he added, staring pensively out his window, "Well, I think the best part of your job is that you get to go on top of roofs."

Of course.

"You're right, Buddy, that has got to be the absolute best part of my job. I go on roofs a lot. I climb ladders and go way up high. I get to see some of the most beautiful views of Dallas and Fort Worth from high atop buildings where most people don't get to go."

He smiled as he continued to stare out his window and said quietly, "I want to do that sometime. Will you take me one day and let me see from the top of a building?"

I swear I died a little inside.

"Landon, I promise I will make special arrangements for you to go on top one day and see how cool it is."

His words softer and softer, "That would be really fun. Thanks, Mom."

It was at that time that I pulled over to let Reagan in the car. She put her things in the back, climbed in the front seat and said hello to her little brother and sister, "Hey guys!"

No answer.

I spoke up, "Landon, tell Rea what we're gonna do..."

But he was sound asleep.

He took the time he and I had, our time, and instead of telling me about him, he made it all about me.

Such a sweet little gentleman.

I will get him on a roof someday soon; it'll be safe and it'll be monitored. It will also be like this night...just for us.


Linda up north said...

Roof tops!? Cool! What is your job? For some reason I thought you were an instructor in a high school?

Heather said...

wow...what an awesome story!! children are amazing...thanks so much for sharing!

Gina said...

awww..gotta love little boys!

Roselawn said...

Haven't checked in on you in a while. This touching little story was worth the trip over to your blog. You have awesome kids!