Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I love watching them grow up

So far this week I've witnessed Hayden (8) voluntarily carry more than his share of grocery bags out of the car, calm a crying little sister, pick up and return an item dropped by a woman walking in front of us, and gave me an impromptu back rub while I made dinner.

Landon (5) has announced repeatedly the last two days with vast amounts of pride that he hasn't cried at all this week while at school or after school care and he plans never to, he says, "boo hoo" again. He drew me flowers today at school even though he really likes to draw spiders and robots "because I know you like them, Mom."



Gina said...

Aww...such sweet young men!

Anonymous said...

and up and up and up! Hayden is getting so tall so soon!
miss you