Monday, August 24, 2009


What a great day! The boys took off so excitedly this morning that I had to remind them to kiss mom goodbye. This afternoon when I picked them up from their after-school program, Landon coudn't wait to show me what he'd made in arts and crafts and Hayden was overcome with pride as he showed me his new locker. His new binder is "so awesome!" and Landon saw friends from his old school.

The boys chatted excitedly all evening and eagerly bragged to older sisters about the new school they attend and all of the amenities they can now enjoy.

Close to bedtime, with a day full of newness behind him, Hayden began fretting that the new school has too many rules and there's (gasp!) detention for those who misbehave. He even let someone tell him that this would be the hardest year of his life and he believed them!

After a long talk while younger siblings slept, he admitted that things weren't bad at all; he's just nervous.

This morning three of the five siblings were willing to pose. A certain 14 year old didn't look perfect enough she thought and baby girl had a new backpack to fill.

Proud to be here.

Please pass the milk.

"Hey, Mom, I'll pose for a picture but just so you know, you're not allowed to leave me here."


Gina said...

Awww!!! I love the pics! Love the look on Haydens face in the second proud. All the kids look so excited. Poor Rea, it's so tough to be a teen.

Anonymous said...

:'''( i miss ya'll...a lot.

love my family,

Cindy said...

Sometimes I just go to your blog to look at the picture up top of all six incredibly beautiful children of yours. It makes my tired heart feel good.

Roselawn said...

I still check on you from time to time. Glad school got off to a good start. Is your oldest still at Radford?