Saturday, July 18, 2009


Translation: New Kids on the Block were never really my thing.

But...when your boss gives you box seats in the VIP section for you and your kids, you go. And it was so amazing! We were able to go straight to VIP parking without waiting in the long lines to get in and walked right up to a special holding section where we stayed until the concert started; perfect for wiggly children.

Hayden, Landon, Peyton and I right before we walked in. Sutton was taking the picture while Reagan and Keaton are still visiting grandparents.

Showing off our special "important people" bracelets.

"Hmmm...what should I order?"

Sutton and Landon

Hayden, a little excited?

Such a sweet boy.

We found out when we got there that the opening act was the Jabbawockeez. So cool.

Hayden was not too fond of the masks but he made it. The dancing was incredible.

Sutton and mom

Oh, the screams when these guys came out.

Peyton and I agreed, it was too loud...and she was sleepy.

For all you New Kid-ers out there:

Because I'm old and my dates were young, we only have pictures from the first half of the show. Sutton was gracious enough to understand when it was time for all of us to leave. But I secretly think NKOTB has a new 19 year old fan!


Anonymous said...

Love the pic of you and Sutton. What a fun evening for all of you.
Can you tell us what kind of job that goes along with the nice boss?
Curious minds what to know. : )

Anonymous said...

I am cracking up that the 4 of you ended up at NKOTB in such plush accommodations! How FUN! NKOTB was SO my junior high/high school years...little Miss Peyton is already a concert girl!