Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Scholarly beginnings

She's 25 months old and she's talking...a lot. In her own sweet little voice she's telling me stories and describing the events. She tattles on her siblings and details each transgression. Today she and I were walking out of a business when she looked at me and said, "Who were you talking to?" I was so surprised to hear the complete sentence that I repeated to her, "Who was I talking to?" She responded very matter-of-factly, "Yes, on the phone."

While we were waiting our turn for an appointment, I gave her a small notebook and a pen to keep her occupied, hoping for a few minutes of not chasing after her. She sat in my lap and doodled wrote for a good ten minutes, repeating the letter sounds I gave her. After our appointment she asked to write again in her car seat, jotting "words" down as she spoke the sounds we had gone over; she did so for another ten minutes until we got to our next destination. When we got home she crawled right up into a chair at the dinning room table and got busy again.

It may be about time for her own blog.


Anonymous said...

What cutie!!
Miss you all
--Miss Jeni

Gina said...

Love it! The last pic will be perfect for her first book signing someday!!