Friday, June 12, 2009

Dental decisiveness

Dentist: "So, Hayden, would you like the spearmint or bubble gum flavor?"

Hayden: "Hmmmm...I'm not sure. What do other kids get?"

Dentist: "The smaller kids usually choose the bubble gum flavor, while big kids usually ask for the spearmint."

Hayden (who had announced numerous times that day that he couldn't wait to get bubble gum flavoring): "Well, I am a big kid and I'll bet I'd really like the spearmint just like those other big kids, who are big like me..."

Dentist (so patiently): "Okay..."

Hayden: "But I'm thinking maybe it would be better for me to choose the bubble gum flavor even though I'm not a little kid (actually I am really big!) but since you probably use a lot of bubble gum flavoring with the little kids, I'll go ahead and choose that. I'm definitely going to choose spearmint next time, though, because I'm almost eight years old but people tell me all the time I look like I'm ten. Right Mom? And I know spearmint is what I should choose, being big and all, but bubble gum is really good so I'll probably just go with that even though I'm probably too big for it.

Dentist (long pause): "Soooooo it's the bubble gum then?"

Hayden (smiling ear-to-ear): "Yes, bubble gum, definitely bubble gum."

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Roselawn said...

He seems to have such a great personality. I bet he keeps you laughing!