Sunday, May 10, 2009

My magnificent Mother's Day

I don't know if I could have planned a better day. I woke this morning to flowers and pancakes. I showered while sipping on a delicious Java Chip Frappuccino (heavenly). We went to church and left inspired. Lunch at home was lovely. The boys and I ran errands and shopped while the girls cleaned house (again, heavenly).

All of the wonderful goodies I was presented.

The first page of Hayden's Mother's Day gift to me was so sweet. (The second page is equally as precious but I won't make you read it too.) What's really great is I KNOW how much he hates to write in cursive and he did it anyway.

The real treat came tonight, however. A dear friend of mine had arranged for the children and I to have a meal at a local Italian restaurant. Reservations were made ahead of time and all we had to do was show up ready to eat...we fulfilled our duty with gusto. As we sat there waiting to order our meals, three orders of appetizers unexpectedly arrived. I had to quiet the squeals from our table.

The cheese sticks provided great entertainment.

As you can see, Peyton certainly enjoyed her Fettuccine Alfredo.

Almost as much as she loved lovin' on her brother.

I had to get a little sugar too.

Beautiful girls that worked hard to make the day special. They even surprised me with more flowers.

And just as we each claimed our stomachs were stuffed and we couldn't eat another bite, four huge desserts arrived. Had I known they were coming, I would have had my camera ready. As it turned out, my I'll-never-eat-again children somehow found room to inhale eat it all before I could get in a good picture. (I cannot lie. The Cappuccino Pie they we enjoyed is simply the ice cream pie version of the Starbuck's Java Chip Frappuccino I so dearly love and showered with this morning. So delicious.)

Thank you, dear friend, for the thoughtful gift. It was, much like the day I had with my children, simply wonderful.

Happy Mother's Day everyone!


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day :)

Anonymous said...

You definitely deserved it on that had worked hard that weekend! The house looks great! :)