Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lake break

I interrupt this school program season to bring you a few pictures from our Labor Memorial Day weekend at the lake. I've got so many pictures that it will take me several blog posts to get to them all. The whole time at the lake was so incredibly wonderful, the kids are begging to go back.

The view from our cabin.

Hayden a little excited about his jet ski ride.

The latest in boating fashion.

Even little sisters want to look hip.

"I won't smile 'til I finish my apple."

Keaton hanging on for dear life.

After watching her navigate a jet ski, I've decided she's not driving a car until she's 30.

Mr. GQ.

Reagan hoping we would speed up the boat.

Just plain sassy.

Landon was told to find a stick to roast his marshmallow for smores. He found one alright.

Anything tastes better when you cook it yourself.

"See Mom, I told you my stick would work just fine.........Okay, so can somebody hand me my marshmallow."


MKHKKH said...

What fun! Glad you got a little break away.

Annikke said...

Looks like a ton of fun!!

Gina said...

I love the last one. He truly looks like he's wondering how the heck he's going to get that yummy marshmallow off of the end of that reeaaallyy long stick!
SO glad everyone had a good time!

Anonymous said...

So Nice! It looks like ya'll had a BLAST!!

Anonymous said...

That last comment was from me.....

Rebecca said...

Wait - that's just recently right? Memorial Day (Labor Day is in Sept.). :)

Cindy said...

Labor day? Oh crap, I must've slept through summer.

Devin said...

Dang ya'll! Where were you guys two weeks ago when I posted I look even more stupid. LOL. Fixing it now.