Monday, March 09, 2009

In a family with five women...

...this is a GOOD deal. (Oh, and a baby too.)

From Walgreens: six Garnier Fructis shampoo and conditioner, six Garnier Fructis hair spray, one crazy expensive bag of diapers.

Total before coupons: $71.30
Coupon savings: -$66.02
Total paid: $5.28

All the hair products were free, it was the diapers that cost me. Dang diapers.

I've had some questions regarding which coupons I used. The shampoo/conditioner/styling product coupon is actually in the following Sunday papers: 1/4/09, 2/8/09, 3/8/09. Walgreens has the Garnier Fructis regularly $3.99 on sale for $2.99. If you use the $2 off coupon in their Easy Saver Catalog plus the $1 off manufacturers coupon from the paper, you get them free!

The diaper coupon can be found here. Walgreens has the diapers which are regularly $11.99 on sale for $10.00. Use the coupon to make them $5.00; a great diaper bargain.

There are several other deals I couldn't get because the stores are out of the merchandise. I am, however, going back for more diapers as soon as I print more coupons.


Stojacks said...

That is a really good coupon can you please send one my way???

I love that shampoo it smells gooood!!!

Suki said...

WOW... I'm actually totally mystified around here.
How does the economy work if someone(not you) pays for 96% of your purchases, lol? Or are you just one of few lucky/resourceful people and the rest pay full price?

Coupons are really rare in our Indian economy, lol. And they're usually for either something you don't need or a "if you spend out of your budget we offer you 50% on the next item" type things.