Thursday, March 05, 2009

Faith and fire trucks

Reagan (14), Keaton (11), and I recently began spending time in the wee hours of the morning, before everyone else wakes up, doing some praise and worship and then praying together before we begin our days. We love it; it's quiet and very personal to us. In fact we carry that time with us throughout our days, confident we have armed ourselves solidly against the pitfalls of the world.

This morning Peyton (22mo), Landon (5), and Hayden (7) woke up earlier than usual so we had a few extra participants during our quiet time. I was so impressed with these children. While Peyton did need momma to hold her, Landon and Hayden both bowed quietly and thoughtfully on the floor, along with the girls and I, for the entire worship song we listened to and then held hands as I prayed for them all.

When we were done Hayden said, "Mom, that was so cool! I asked God to show Himself to me while were were listening to that song."

Me: "Wow, Hayden! Did you see Him?"

Hayden: "No, He told me to wait."

Me: "That's okay, because He will reveal Himself to you at the right time."

Hayden (confident): "Oh, I'm not worried; I know He will."

Landon (after listening carefully to brother's comments): "Mom, I asked God for something too!"

Me: "You did? What?"

Landon (proudly): "I asked for a fire truck for Christmas."

Hayden (scolding): "God can't buy people fire trucks, Landon!"

Landon: "Oh, yes He can, Hayden! He can do ANYTHING!"

What a wonderful reminder to those of us who are old and jaded. God CAN do anything. He can do anything in our lives as long as we remember to remove the parameters we've placed on His power and allow Him to astound us. Where has our child-like faith gone? Where is our confidence that while He may not reveal Himself to us now, He will show Himself in His time?

And while a fire truck might not be on your Christmas list, you have wants and needs only He can provide. What are your fire truck desires? Stay close to Him and listen to His voice; the Holy Spirit speaks to you. And just like a child on Christmas morning, standing amazed at the gifts he's received, we will all be in awe of the love our Father has for us.


Anonymous said...

You have touched my heart today. Please know my prayers are always with you and the family! How precious our children are!!


Anonymous said...

:D that was the sweetest post yet!!!!

Love ya'll!

pshannonpr said...

"Consider the lilies of the field; Jehovah loves them with tender hands." Matt 6:28. God can move mountains, and He cares about the smallest things. Of course, he cares about a little boy's fervent, unswerving faith that God can supply a fire truck!

This is a lovely thing you are doing with your children; God is smiling..........

TiffanyB said...

What a beautiful act of faith you are demonstrating to your children - making God REAL in their lives!! I strive for this in my parenting. Also, we gave Lily that name because of the verse pshannonpr posted. Lilies are the ultimate example of opening ourselves to worship him at son-rise and getting "lost" in that worship. And you should see this girl get lost in her freestyle worship!!

Keep removing those parameters, Devin...for yourself and your precious "gifts from God"!!

Ginny said...

Devin...what a powerful post...

MKHKKH said...

What a great way to start the day. You are being a good shepherd Devin. I hope God is healing your heart.

Devin said...

Thank you all for the encouragement. I am in awe of how much the children look forward to this time. This morning Landon slept in and while the rest of us had already done our praise and worship time, he requested his own prayer time. So Hayden, Peyton, Daddy, and I all worshipped and prayed with Landon; he was so tickled!

Stojacks said...

Wow!!! Devin and your kids are an inspiration. My girls and I spend our time going from Westphalia to Rogers for school telling "Sweet Jesus" Good Morning and to please bless each one of us and to have a Great Day. My youngest Hallie says that the Sun is Jesus and when it comes up she tell me "Momma, I told Sweet Jesus, Good Morning and he came out to tell me Good Morning too".
My goodness how your kids have grown. I didn't know that you have a little girl now. One of the last times I was able to talk to Krista or saw anyone was when you had Hayden. Time flies!!! and you have a very BEAUTIFUL FAMILY. I just can't believe that Sutton is in College. Seeing that she is making feel old!!