Monday, January 05, 2009

Sticky Sicky kisses

Baby girl is sick, sick, sick. Did I mention sick? Nothing is staying down or in when you consider the diarrhea accompanying the vomiting. It truly breaks my heart to watch her cry and wretch as she begs me to hold her; another small example of the agony of motherhood.

But she is really enjoying her biggest sister being home from college. Lots of tickling.


And slobbery kisses.

My next post will undoubtedly be about big sister's sickness and my own (I feel it coming. *bleck*). But baby kisses, sick or not...totally worth it.


amomthing said...

isn't it amazing how you feel sick just by being around it?? hope you don't get it! Ps - she still looks pretty good for being so sick!

Devin said...

Hey Allison! Yeah, those pics are definitely pre vomitfest 2009. She can't even keep her eyes open the last few hours; just wants to sleep:-(

Gina said...

Bless her heart! :-( I HATE it for her. Dayden is still yucky too. No vomitting but the diarrhea is out of control.

Anonymous said...

Good luck! As you may know, we got some new floors out of that drama at our house!

Anonymous said...


Please call or email me if I can be of ANY help at all. Don't hesitate to scream for me!!

Hope Peyton feels better fast! Prayers up tonight!!


MKHKKH said...

We had roto too. Isn't it just the worst? The smell is awful. Glad she is better now!