Monday, January 19, 2009

The silence was deafening

Last night...

Sutton (19): Had just arrived back at college in Virginia.

Reagan (13): Went to youth group then spent the night with a friend.

Keaton (11): Was spending her second night with a friend. (Hi Shelley and Emily!)

Hayden (7) and Landon (5): Both played with friends all afternoon and then conspired with one of the friends to talk their parents into letting the boys have their first ever sleep-over.

Peyton (20 mo) was an only child for the night.

It was quiet.

It was really quiet.

It was too quiet.


Gina said...

Oh..I don't really like those nights either. I always wish for them-then wish I hadn't!

Anonymous said...

And we'd ask to have her for a third night if Emily didn't have to go to school tomorrow!! We love having her over. She fits right in with our crazy family. Thanks for letting us enjoy her!


Anonymous said...

i love you mom :)
wish i was there in all the silence!