Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Recycling: I'm not too proud

When you have a large family you have to be creative when it comes to clothing all the little bodies. As tempting as it is to visit the mall and the unique boutiques so prevalent in our area, it's just not gonna happen here. When I saw these pictures of Peyton this morning looking oh so cute while playing in the recycling bin, I couldn't help but take inventory of her clothing.

Coat: hand-me-down from a friend. Dress and turtleneck: consignment store treasures.

Boots: hand-me-down from Dayden, my sister's little girl. Tights: Target (okay, those were new).

The clothes aren't brand new but I save money and the kids look decent.

I'm okay with that.


Anonymous said...

I am SO OK with that :)...that is my favorite type of wardrobe makeover!

Roselawn said...

And she looks just adorable!

Gina said...

..and just keep it all-chances are if we have another it will be a GIRL!!
(shhh-don't tell David I said that!!)

Gina said...

oh, I forgot to say she looks like you when you, Mom and Dad lived in Italy. Didn't you have an animal print jacket or something? Maybe it's mom I'm thinking of when she was little...who knows-but that's the image that came to mind!

Miranda said...

It's good to be green. And no one would ever guess that Peyton is wearing recycled treasures. She looks adorable, as always.