Friday, December 26, 2008

Wii've been doing little else

Wii're a little slow on the uptake around here. While the rest of the word got bit by the Wii bug last year, wii had to wait until the price went way down and, luckily for us, this year Granna and PawPaw decided to buy it as a Christmas gift to the kids.

Wii were very excited.

Wii have bowled, wii have golfed, wii have played tennis, wii have played baseball, and wii have boxed...oh, how wii've boxed. Wii haven't watched TV; wii've been feverishly racing through malls, beaches, waterfalls, coliseums and racetracks thanks to the Mario Kart game provided by Uncle Dave.

Wii've been busy.

And wii're quite sore.

Wii played so hard, wii got quite exhausted.

And wii really hope my in-laws don't get angry that wii posted these pictures.

Wii'd be sad if they did.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! So fun! Wii love ours...the kids got more fun games this year. The Carnival Games and Playground Games(wall ball, tether ball, paper's cute!) have been a hit, and so have any of the Lego Games...Bailey has Batman, Indiana Jones and Star Wars. We even used it as an incentive this summer for Reading and Math...wii love the Wii, too!

Anonymous said...

Ooops! That was Libby above!

Roselawn said...

Looks like you guys had and awesome Christmas! We tried to get our daughter a Wii, they were all sold out. I think every one of her friends either already had one or got one for Christmas... so guess this will be a test of not coveting on her part! Maybe next year... I loved Landon's response about My-a-guay! He's funny! And way-to-go Sutton on the excellent grades! Happy New Year!

MKHKKH said...

Wii have gone Wii Wii too! LOL. Wii also waited until this year. It is so fun! I was so sore. So pathetic. LOL. The sleeping pictures are hilarious!