Thursday, December 18, 2008

Things I love today

I have been exhausted the past few weeks; I mean, totally and completely exhausted thanks to a certain toddler who's convinced she needs to nurse all. night. long. and sleep on top of me. This morning I took a nap. Now, I still had a nurser and yes, she was still ON me but it was a nap nevertheless. I loved that.

We have a 99¢ Only Store near us. I love that store. It's cheap, has many of the items I needed for stocking stuffers, and it's cheap. Did I already say that?

Sutton comes home from college tomorrow and will be home for a month. I love that:-)

As I type this, my husband, is wrapping all of the kids' Christmas gifts. I hate to wrap gifts (as evidenced by my huge closet of gift bags) so the fact that he's wrapping them, with real paper and a fancy labeling system only he can decipher, and I don't have to.

Peyton (19 mo) said "I love you" today for the first time. She also learned to take off her diaper and pick her nose, but the fact that she said she loved me totally makes up for the other.


Gina said...

Awww!! That is precious!

Anonymous said...

and i was almost home :(
hopefully she says it to me :)

Annikke said...

Awww, cute post! The "I love yous" sure do make up for a whole host of other "sins" doesn't it??