Monday, December 22, 2008

It's Christmas so, as usual, pass the antibiotic

I've been a mom for 19 years and in those 19 years I can't think of a single Christmas when at least one of my children wasn't sick. It's like clockwork every year: put up the tree, decorate the house, buy too many presents, visit the pediatrician, beg for drugs.

You know what I mean.

This year it's Peyton's turn. Actually, last year was probably Peyton's turn too, and Landon's; when it comes to sickness my kids don't mind sharing. She's had a low-grade fever for a week, a touch of diarrhea but no other symptoms. Last night, or rather, early this morning she was burning up. Our ear thermometer read 102 but having done this mom thing a while and estimated temperatures on many little foreheads over the years, I know it was at least 103, possibly higher.

Today, only a few days before Christmas, we made our annual trek to Dr. Knapp. If you live in this area and need a pediatrician, this man is wonderful. Her chest is clear, her ears are fluid free, but her throat is pussy so he's treating her for strep. She should be feeling better by Christmas Eve.

So come on Santa, we're ready! But hurry, remember my children love to share and Dr. Knapp closes early.


Gina said...

Oh no..poor baby girl! I hope she gets to feeling much better so she can unwrap all of her presents!!

Roselawn said...

I happened upon your blog through a link from Cindie Bodie's (which I became intereste in because we have an adopted daughter). Anyway, I wanted to tell you the layout is adorable and your kids are beautiful. I noticed that your oldest daughter goes to Radford, which isn't too far from where we live in Virginia. Small world, huh? You can view my blog if you'd like

Don't worry, I'm not a weirdo!


Annie said...

Feel better!

Dave said...

At least I can have some kids to commiserate with....I'm sick too - or at least on the way. I'm sure that presents will be a cure all on Christmas morning.

devinisagirlsname said...

Ok I know you'll sympathize with this because you used to be a teacher-- I'm RIGHT THERE with her! My Dr. called in a prescription for a Z Pack this morning- UGH! FIRST day of Christmas break and I'm sick! Hope your baby feels better soon!!

Devin said...

Sherry, Small world!! Cindy's the best. I'm so glad to hear from someone close to Radford because I'm so far away. Waaaaa! I'm headed over to your blog, thanks for stopping by!

Dave, hang in there and stay far away from Baby Mac's mama. Maybe lobster lasagna will perk you up?!

Devin, I remember being so sick that first year. Those zpacks are awesome and will hopefully get you feeling better by Christmas. You've made it through the first semester! YAY!!

Annikke said...

I know how she feels, I am sick right now and all I want is to go to bed!

Last year 2 of our 3 were terribly sick on Christmas day. High fevers and sleeping alot... made opening presents hard...they couldn't keep their eyes open long enought o see what they got! So sad. Hopefully the kids stay healthy this year and I hope I get better!

Linda up north said...

Ugh! I completely identify. Today I took two kiddos in... strep. Two more plus Dad went down after supper. Right now, at 2:45am I am tucking in the 6th strep victim on the couch. Christmas Eve at the clinic... Ho Ho Ho