Monday, December 29, 2008

It shouldn't all be high-tech

While our children were blessed beyond words with some wonderful gadgets for Christmas, Santa also saw fit to leave some old faithful, tried and true board games. Surprisingly, the kids couldn't get the games opened fast enough and literally hours have been spent each night learning and relearning these perennial games of our youth.

Unfortunately, a certain toddler girl is convinced she's old enough to play too.

She'll find the weakest link in the family (usually dad), scale his chair and clamber effortlessly onto the table. She immediately pirates the prettiest game pieces for herself and "plays" with her siblings.

The problem is, she doesn't take direction well,

Insists on creating her own rules,

Is quite the sore "winner,"

and quickly alienates all parties involved.

So Peyton and mommy have spent a lot of time locked away in our bedroom performing damage control playing. She's not thrilled to be missing all of the excitement at the kitchen table (we can hear the cheering and jeering), but playing chase and mommy/baby tickle-wrestling where I steal copious amounts of kisses and neck sugars has been a more than suitable replacement.

Who wants fancy gizmos and board games when you can have that?


Annikke said...

Poor girl! Missing out on all the fun! Next year you should get her the 3 year old version of Monopoly -- we got our little girl that this year and she is having a ball with it. It is very simple and there is a little car with the monopoly guy in it that talks to the kids to help them make their moves! Very fun!

amomthing said...

Love it!! We played "blink" - a card game -- for the first time this break. it's fun! all kids can play.