Tuesday, December 16, 2008

F-f-f-f-f-reezing in the Lone Star State

It was 70 degrees this weekend. The kids played outside, I power walked with my neighbor, life was good. People were wearing shorts for pete's sake!

Today it's 26 degrees. Schools in our area are delayed in opening and some are closed completely. In this kind of weather our world stands still, or at least it should. People were crashing into one another like crazy this morning, closing down road after road.

I'm sorry, we're Texans, y'all, we don't do well in the cold.

Give us 100+ degree weather and watch us prosper and thrive. Anything below freezing leaves us discombobulated and whiny (well, some of us are a little whiny, I certainly can't speak for all Texans.)

But there are some whiny folks here when it's cold.

We like to brag about how everything is big here in Texas. All I can tell you is the only thing big in Texas today are a bunch of us big ole' whiny babies who can't handle the cold.

And you can call me the biggest and the whiniest of those babies.


(All you tough-as-nail northerners can stop laughing at us now.)


Anonymous said...

I agree!! The cold is definately no my friend, and it was not fun walking to class this morning in the freezing snow to take my exams. When the weather man says 100 degree weather I say, Bring it on!

Gina said...

I got to stay home from work today and spend it with Dayden!! yay!!

Annikke said...

It is down right cold in Colorado too... we have a HIGH of like 6, but yesterday we started out at -15 (yes, that is negative fifteen!!!!)

Anonymous said...

I WAS a tough-as-nails northerner and I am SUCH a wimp now that I've lived here 12 years!! Enjoying our day off but said we'll lose our day later in the year...

Soxy Deb said...

I am a former RI'er now living in SC. I miss the cold still... and the snow. Oh man I miss the snow.

Your kids are adorable as is your blog. I'll be back.
Well that came of a little stalkerish.