Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas colors

I thought we could get in a quick kid photo before we left for the Christmas program the other night. I had everyone relatively color-coordinated in hopes of getting a decent photo before we headed out the door.

So I started with the littles:

Eh, not so good.

So then I tried incorporating Santa. Peyton wasn't interested so I got one picture of the boys:

Better. At least their not punching each other or making bunny ears.

Then Peyton decided she would if big sis Keaton would:

Now we're getting there! "Somebody get Reagan!" I hollered, on my knees, camera against my face in ready-to-shoot-THE-perfect-Christmas-photo position:

And she slid beautifully into place, in all her PURPLE loveliness.


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Annikke said...

It is still a lovely picture!