Friday, December 05, 2008

C-c-c-cold Christmas parade

Last night, after Landon's birthday festivities, we headed to the Christmas parade. The boys rode on their school float which was old-hat to Hayden but I-CAN'T-BELIEVE-HOW-AWESOME-THIS-IS to Landon. They were freezing but happy.

Reagan and Keaton walked with their school's Students Standing Strong organization. Reagan found some relief from the cold by locking arms with friends.

Keaton was smart enough to volunteer for banner-carrying duty to block the frigid winds.

Jimmy, Peyton and I chose to watch the parade from the toasty warmness of our car...I'm a total wuss in cold weather.

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Annikke said...

Here in Colorado there is a Christmas parade and they light up our city and county building with gorgeous lights -- but it is always FREEZING cold and in order to see anything you have to get there real early to get a good "seat". I have only gone a handful of times and am always still defrosting 3 days later!