Monday, November 17, 2008

I interrupt my regularly scheduled fluff piece for this...

This little blog has never been for anything other than a fun way for me to document my children's lives; a little seriousness here and there surrounded by a whole lot of fluff.

Today I have to ask a favor.

Reagan (13) has been selected for the top team at her volleyball club and she must raise the funds ($3100!) to pay for the fees. She is on a travel team that will be going to two out-of-state tournaments as well as eight in-state tournaments. I have been driving her to local businesses to ask for donations, as well as checking into other fundraising opportunities with the club.

The favor comes in here: If, during your Christmas shopping, you decide to purchase anything from Amazon, please consider clicking through the following link so Reagan can get 5% of your purchase price to help cover her volleyball fees. It won't cost you a cent! She's raising all of the funds herself so every little bit will help.

Reagan's Amazon link

Also, if you are planning on subscribing to or renewing any magazine subscriptions for yourself or as a gift, please check out Reagan's online magazine fundraiser to see if the prices are competitive enough for you to consider purchasing your subscriptions; 40% of your purchase price goes directly to Reagan for her volleyball expenses.

This little girl loves her some volleyball and we're doing everything we can to help her raise this money.

Now, back to my usual ooey gooey my-kids-are-kinda-strange totally-AMAZING post.


Anonymous said...

That is really cool....I have never seen something like that! I think we'll be renewing Bailey's comic books, so I'll check out the magazine link...congrats Reagan!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Reagan. You couldn't have posted this at a better time. We do most of our Christmas shopping thru Amazon. I am one of those weird mothers who found this fun blog on accident and enjoy it so much I tend to check it out at least once a week. Good luck from COLD Minnesota. :)

Devin said...

Awww thanks ladies. Rea is going to have a FIT when she gets home and sees these comments! Thank you!!!