Thursday, November 06, 2008

The encourager

The end of school volleyball has come and Reagan is a little sad it's over. Her team didn't win as many matches as she thought they should have, but never was her enthusiasm suppressed. Her voice has been hoarse the entire season from the constant shrieking cheering for all three 8th grade volleyball teams.

At their final meeting as a team, the coach said she was giving one award, a leadership award, and Reagan was surprised, yet quite honored to receive it. I think the coach probably just felt the need to reward Reagan for all of the spastic screeching lively encouragement she's become so well-known for in middle-school volleyball circles. The girl can talk and the girl can be LOUD, and if that's what leadership is, she's definitely an award-winner.

Now, on to club volleyball. Reagan is currently accepting donations to help offset her fees. So, if anyone would like a little tax write-off to a non-profit organization that would assist a silly, loud, volleyball lovin' 13 year old, let us know.

I promise not to let her scream in your ear.


Gina said...

I love her face in the bump picture and their socks are too cute!!
It's wonderful that she has kept such a positive outlook when they didn't win a single least they looked really cute playing!

Devin said...

LOL. No, they won quite a few games, she just wanted to win them ALL. She is serious!

Gina said...

Oh good! I misread!!